OSRAM - LED 3 Light Module - Medium

Color: Red
Quantity: 40


The IP66-protected and robustly encapsulated modules of OSRAM - LED 3 Light Module - Medium are joined by flexible cables, have a long lifespan and module efficacy of up to 101 lm / W. This makes them ideal for use in signage and illuminated advertising, including outside (if you install it in enclosed light boxes or channel letters).

You can also use them for the LED backlighting of small and / or flat channel letters and single or double-sided light boxes. With several options for quick and easy mounting, uniform illumination at high LED pitches (thanks to Square Lens technology) and consistent white light (SDCM < 3) OSRAM - LED 3 Light Module - Medium gives you significantly better application efficiency than systems without lenses, is ENEC certified and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

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