Arlon - SLX®+ (Gloss)

Length: 54"
Width: 50yds


Experience the performance evolution with SLX+. Superior repositionability, conforming effortlessly around rivets, complex curves, and deep channels, we’ve packed the performance benefits of FLITE Technology® and more into this product. With a moderate tack adhesive and quick-flow characteristics, SLX+ ensures the easiest installation in both hot and cold temperatures. From production to shipping and handling, you can achieve fast and accurate weeding of letters up to 2” (5cm). With the ability to adhere to the more challenging vehicle surfaces, like stainless steel, sign shops can easily adapt and install on multiple surfaces. SLX®+ is the new all-season, print-to-cut, multi-surface vehicle wrap film. Combine it with Series 3210 overlaminate and let the graphics deliver optimum performance for longer.

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